BenQ launches EZWrite Live a free software solution to support distance learning

Global display manufacturer, BenQ has launched its latest interactive whiteboard solution, EZWrite Live, a free web-based platform. In light of the global shift to working and learning from home, EZWrite Live allows collaboration between multiple users from a web browser anywhere in the world, facilitating distance learning. 

Fully accessible from any device with access to a web browser, BenQ is enabling more people than ever before to engage with its cutting-edge whiteboarding solution built for education. EZWrite Live allows users to create, share and begin collaborating on a virtual whiteboard within seconds, all via the cloud.

With two modes: broadcast and co-create, teachers can switch between visual lectures or interactive lessons which encourage students to use the annotation and use sticky note features on the content in real time. Built-in VC enhances one-to-one sessions, with live discussion alongside the collaborative canvas.

Additional tools such as lesson record and file share allow teachers to save the lesson for future reference, or incorporate different assets and imagery into the lesson. It also encourages students to bring in documents, imagery or ideas for participants to discuss and annotate. Built-in templates give teachers easy access to different scenarios and ways to use the board, or upload their own templates, keeping things lively.

Being web-based, EZWrite Live allows teachers to host and record lessons as if they were in the classroom, with students participating from anywhere in the world. By scanning a QR code or clicking the link, students can fully engage and participate in lessons safely from wherever they are.

Try the whiteboard here: or visit the website for more information: