Back to School: New COVID Course Released to Support Teachers Returning to the Classroom

Following the government’s announcement this week that schools in England will reopen with “full attendance” in September, a new COVID-19 Essentials course has been launched to provide practical skills and support for teachers feeling apprehensive about returning to a full classroom. 

While many teachers have taught key worker and vulnerable children in schools over the last three months, a recent professional poll has found that more than a third (36 per cent) are feeling unconfident about returning to work and that nearly one in five would feel more confident if employers evidenced compliance with best practice procedures. 

The poll reveals that as many as 40 per cent incorrectly identified the correct temperature for handwashing – which is between 35 and 45 degrees Celsius – suggesting that a knowledge gap exists.

The data has been gathered by online training provider, High Speed Training. The education compliance specialists have created the COVID-19 Essentials course to meet the surge in online searches for professional coronavirus support which occurred throughout lockdown. The course, which covers non-clinical infection prevention and practical PPE training, has received more than a 1,000 pre-registration requests.

Richard Anderson, Head of Learning and Development at High Speed Training said: “Whilst the majority of schoolchildren in the UK will remain at home until September, and the imminent reopening of businesses is welcome news for the economy and livelihoods of workers across the country, it is completely understandable that people will be feeling cautious about their personal role in upholding strict new safety procedures within their working environment. This is brand-new terrain that organisations need to navigate with confidence and our new course distils the crucial information that all teachers need to know before returning to work.”

The course includes clear instructions for using PPE and how often it should be changed, along with COVID-specific guidance on the correct way to clean and decontaminate the work environment and hand washing techniques.

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