Award-winning food service company to support schools in serving up safer catering solutions during pandemic

Pasta King’s pop-up cafes ensure school catering is safe, efficient, cost-effective and nutritious.

Pasta King has created a safer solution for educational establishments which want to provide hot, nutritional school meals as the new academic year starts. 

The company, which already works with thousands of schools and colleges across the UK and Ireland as well as public sector organisations, has come up with Pop-up Cafés, with safe, mobile serving stations which can turn classrooms, gyms, playgrounds or corridors into a place to serve lunches.  The café carts can serve up to 180 diners per hour, efficiently and at speed in a Grab-and-Go format.

The carts offer a quick and efficient answer to mass catering solutions and also provide a COVID compliant solution for specific ‘bubble’ groups during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Serving up a host of meals including pasta dishes and curries with approved nutritional values and vegetarian and Halal options, Pasta King’s carts can be easily moved to areas in schools where social distancing can be easily implemented.   In addition, a single member of staff can prepare and serve the meals which helps with social distancing challenges in school kitchens and reduced staff numbers.

Using a Pasta King solution assures educational leaders that the food they provide on campus meets the highest standards and boasts authentic ingredients including Spanish sun-ripened tomatoes, traceable meat products and pasta from the most respected producers in Italy. 

To minimise contact, the easy-to-use cart comes with compostable Pasta King pots as well as baskets, ladles and spoons.  Lids are also available for the pots, which has the added advantage of allowing staff to portion up pre-ordered meals which can then be delivered directly to classrooms. 

Mark Stone, CEO of Pasta King (UK) Ltd, which was recognised as LACA’s (The School Food People) Outstanding Supplier of the Year 2018 within the education sector, said: 

“Pasta King is best known for producing high-quality, tasty, nutritional meals for schools and other public sector organisations and our new Pop-up Cafes can help do that in the unique circumstances we are currently facing.   Many schools simply cannot feed their entire school population safely from their normal  dining halls, so our solution brings the food out to other areas, moving one person around the school rather than dozens.

“We understand that getting schools functioning under extreme conditions is already a tough task for many school staff and we want to alleviate the pressure of working out how to serve up balanced, healthy meals while ensuring safety is a priority. This is especially vital as recent research from the National Food Strategy revealed that only 1% of packed lunches meet the nutritional standards of a school meal.

“The importance of good nutrition for brain activity and function can never be underestimated which is why we want to play a role in dishing out good food for thought at a time when it is needed most.”

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