AVer Europe: how to step up the digital learning experience

With digital learning part of the new normal Vice President of Sales & Marketing at leading AV manufacturer AVer Europe Rene Buhay explores the best long-term investments in education technology.

The start of the new academic year is fast approaching. While some schools and universities will be returning to classes and lectures in person, we have seen immersion into digital learning during the pandemic push the boundaries of the learning experience. Whether in-class or continuing with distance learning, the classroom experience has changed exponentially.

Institutions are now making adjustments in their budgets for technology to adapt for lasting distance learning capabilities.

Initiating Distance Learning

Teachers have been working with a webcam for distance learning over the past few months, but over time they may find this very limiting. Ultra-wide field-of-view cameras with 4K sensor (like the AVerCAM340+) can greatly enhance the student experience.

Integrating Visualisation

Wireless visualisers are great companions for delivering classes remotely. Many visualisers (like the AVer M15w/M70w) can be synced with Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom and Google Hangouts Meet for presenting to a class remotely. Switching between a webcam, visualiser and presentation slides, teachers can use a visualiser to seamlessly present multiple sources of material to students.

Many visualisers have real-time recording capability which allows teachers to share the video content on their chosen media sharing platform, so students who cannot make a class can still participate. 

Adapting to the Hybrid Model

Teachers may need to adjust to hybrid models wherein they teach a number of students in class while another batch of students are remote.

Educators are accustomed to having freedom to move around a classroom, making distance learning chained to a desk frustrating. Auto-tracking cameras (like Aver PTC310) allow teachers to move freely around the room, still being framed and tracked, providing a far more enjoyable experience for remote students.

Over coming months we will see education technology evolve and respond with a greater affinity for digital learning. Innovation in the industry to provide impactful solutions offering value for money will be critical for success.