Anti-graffiti coating added to range of traffic signs

Leading UK online retailer of safety signage, SafetySigns4Less has added anti-graffiti coating options to its vast range of reflective traffic management signs.

Originating from the Greek word graphien, meaning to write, Graffiti is a common illegal offence in the UK which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment and fines of up to £2,500. However, threats of large sentences and expensive fines do not seem to deter those intent on making their mark with spray paint on property that does not belong to them. In London alone, it is estimated that the cost of cleaning up graffiti is £100 million per year.   

The new anti-graffiti coating from SafetySigns4Less is available as a purchase option on all traffic management signs. The coating is applied to the sign during the manufacturing process and prevents graffiti from adhering permanently to the sign. This allows for graffiti to be easily cleaned off without any damage to the sign’s surface, making permanent vandalism a thing of the past.

Proving already popular, SafetySigns4Less is due to roll out anti-graffiti coating options to parking signs in Autumn 2019.

To purchase traffic signage complete with anti-graffiti coating, visit and click on the Traffic and Parking tab to select the relevant sign category.