Teachers encouraged to look out for signs of poor eye health as pupils return from lockdown

Leading High Street Optician, Vision Express is launching a national campaign to get children’s eyes tested as they return to school this Autumn, as research shows 3.4 million 4 – 16yr olds in the UK are diagnosed each year with a sight problem. Yet the lack of awareness around eye health in parents and teachers means that up to 13% of children still have an undiagnosed common sight problems that could impact their learning.

Unfortunately, with the recent COVID lockdown throughout the UK many children will have missed their regular check and may still not have been. Now that most Opticians are open for routine appointments, Vision Express is calling for all parents and carers to reschedule missed appointments and make that back to school test as high on the to do list as shopping for those shiny new school shoes; encouraging all schools, universities and colleges to remind parents and their pupils to ensure this vital health check isn’t missed, as it could have a detrimental effect on their learning.

Teachers can also look out for signs of poor eye health in pupils as they return to school by watching out for:

  • If children are complaining of headaches
  • If children are blinking a lot or rubbing their eyes
  • If kids choose to constantly sit in a certain spot and it’s not just to be near their friends, this is could be a sign that they want to move so that they can see the board properly
  • If they’re struggling to copy things from a whiteboard or are falling behind in class
  • It you notice their eyes turning, usually inwards
  • Difficulty concentrating with school work

Professional Operations Business Partner at Vision Express, Pena Govind MCOptom commented;

“Poor eyesight or eye health, left undiagnosed can have a detrimental impact on a child or young adult’s personal and academic development.

“We know and understand that the recent pandemic and lockdown has meant that so many of these regular checks have been missed. However, with services back up and running across the UK we are strongly encouraging parents and teachers to ensure it goes back on the list as a priority.

“With so many children missing out on up a term’s teaching in 2020, and screen time inevitably on the rise, no one wants to see their son or daughter’s education further impacted because of a missed simple eye check.”

For any essential or urgent eye health issues, Vision Express is here to help, call us on 0800 038 2177 or book online and our clinical team will help you get the eye care you need.

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