Add Daydream Education to your Bett visit to multiply your experience

Educational apps specialist, and the UK’s leading provider of educational posters and interactive software, Daydream Education, will unveil its newest app, Maths Tutor at the world’s leading event for learning technology, Bett 2016.

Maths Tutor provides schools with a complete maths learning solution. The multi-platform app, which features a National Curriculum alignment section, incorporates a huge variety of tutorials, interactivities, real-life scenarios and assessments to facilitate learning and improve pupils’ understanding of key maths skills and topics. With more than 10,000 differentiated problems and questions, every topic contains three levelled quizzes, plus three other games or assessment activities, all of which are based on key curriculum skills and provide distinguished learning tasks every time.

Teachers also benefit from the vast assortment of content, which ensures that they have access to a flexible teaching tool that is ideal for independent, group and whole-class learning within the classroom; home use; flipped learning; starter, plenary and summary activities; and intervention. In addition, they can instantly access in-depth progress reports for every pupil, in real-time. All progress reports are mapped to the curriculum and provide an easy way for teachers to identify pupils’ strengths and weaknesses directly against the curriculum.


Chris Malcolm, managing director of Daydream Education explains why he believes Maths Tutor is a game-changer for pupils, “We have found from first-hand experience that this system encourages self-led learning and further engagement in maths. Every learning screen in the app contains some form of interactivity to engage and enthuse pupils. It also incorporates a rewards-based system to help motivate pupils, and encourage healthy competition. The step-by-step presentations break down difficult mathematical skills into easy to follow steps that can be used as a constant reference point by pupils during independent study. Ensuring the app has complete flexibility has been a priority for us, as it makes sure it is inclusive and accessible to everyone.”


Bett returns to ExCel London from 20-23 January 2016, and is free to all visitors. For more information on how Maths Tutor can help engagement in maths in your school, pop by Stand E440 or visit