Primary school pupils across the UK are getting ready to celebrate a Harvest Festival with a difference this month, using exciting new digital resources.

Discovery Education Espresso has collaborated with Switzerland’s Alimentarium Academy to produce harvest videos, games and activities for today’s digital classrooms. The engaging multimedia content will help children to explore why Harvest Festival is so important and learn how it is celebrated around the world.

Taking a tour from North America to Asia, pupils will see how harvest time happens in different countries, discovering the diverse traditions and rituals that celebrate the end of each growing season. From farm to fork they’ll explore a tasty array of national dishes, comparing international meals with their own and learning about the nutritional value of different food groups.

The sharing of food with friends and family is at the centre of every harvest celebration, and the new digital resources will engage children with the social aspects of eating, showing how and why people come together to give thanks for the food on their plate. As Harvest Festival approaches (21-23 September), pupils will also consider the impact of today’s global food market, making links with sustainability, the technology of food preservation and their own food choices.

Hazel Carter from Discovery Education said:

“We’re delighted to collaborate with Alimentarium Academy to offer schools new digital resources to celebrate Harvest Festival. From discovering food traditions in other countries to understanding more about nutrition, the new multimedia content will help teachers to engage children with one of the world’s oldest festivals while learning about sustainability and the environment.”

Part of a 3-year partnership between Alimentarium and Discovery Education, the new digital resources will help primary school teachers to meet National Curriculum requirements in areas such as Geography, PSHE and Design and Technology.

The new content is available to schools with a Discovery Education Espresso subscription now. Schools interested in a free trial of the Discovery Education Espresso service can request one here.

Alimentarium Academy is part of the world famous Alimentarium Museum – an international public learning centre for all issues relating to food and nutrition. Discovery Education Espresso is one of the UK’s leading digital learning services, delivering dynamic curriculum matched content to over half of the UK’s primary schools.

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