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BOOKR Class is a digital interactive reading platform designed to engage children between 4-14 (K-8) to read in English.
The solution offers a 3-in-1 tool:
a safe, ad-free, easy-to-use gamified library application for students to improve learning outcomes, a Teacher’s Dashboard displaying real-time statistics to improve the measurement of student learning and school performance.

The library app includes more than 2000+ engaging digital content to match with your course books, curriculum, in-classroom or online activities: interactive books from the classics of world literature, original stories, songs, civilizational materials and CLIL, educational games and flashcards. While the books primarily support English language learning and reading comprehension development, they also develop 21st century skills such as creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving.

The Teacher's Dashboard assists teachers in preparation, time optimization and differentiation with real-time reading statistics and book assignment.

Besides original content, we also partner with content providers: Edutainment Licensing, Oxford University Press, Moomin, Harriet Ziefert, White Star Publishing.

BOOKR Class is recognized as an official textbook in Hungary and has educational partners in Turkey, Greece, South Korea, Spain, South America (Berlitz) and Singapore.
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BOOKR Class offers a 3-in-1 solution for teachers and students: a fast-growing digital library and a Teacher’s Dashboard for tracking engagement and reading activity.

Engaged Students
Improve reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and social-emotional skills – thanks to 1000+ beautifully animated books, interactive games and flashcards.

Safe Learning Environment
Ad-free application with thoroughly researched content by educators, children literature experts and psychologists. Accessible on mobile devices, computers, online and offline.

Time-saver & data-driven
Easy-to-use platform with reading statistics, automatic exercise correction, book assignments, search engine, activity tips and printables.

Curriculum ready
Choose the best titles for your curriculum – thanks to carefully selected and labeled EFL/ESL content and our built-in search engine.

In your classroom & online
Present books and games in entertaining and interactive ways – remotely or in-class, through screen share, interactive board or projector.

How does BOOKR Class enhance stories to improve language skills?
Accelerate the learning process
with carefully selected resources

The Methodology
BOOKR Class is designed for teachers by teachers. To help children reach their full potential, our product development follows a proven researched methodology with texts and activities designed for individual and classroom learning. The illustrations and animations support the understanding of the texts, but don’t distract from reading, while the educational games practise the linguistic elements in a focused, fun and entertaining way.

Key features
The BOOKR Class platform is special because of its unique digital book format which represents a very high quality on the market. Each book is enhanced with illustrations and animations, native (mainly British or American English) narration, text-highlighting and educational games.

The texts and activities are designed to support different learning styles. Illustrations and animations support the understanding of the texts, but they’re moderate enough not to distract users from reading. Moreover, fun educational games help to highlight the main linguistic elements and features for more focused, intentional learning and practice.

Besides the books, the library app also offers book recommendations, coin and badge collection and reading streaks.

In the Teacher's Dashboard the educators can efficiently monitor the students' performance and assign books to them.

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