Webinars ‘United Nations style’ capture global audiences with real-time language interpretation streaming via Translate Your World

For the first time, online speeches by business leaders, global trainers, universities, and Internet broadcasters capture increased international audience using groundbreaking software for virtual, real-time, United Nations’ style professional interpretation.  The software also expands inclusion by generating captions for the Deaf and Braille for the Deaf-Blind. 

Translate Your World (“Tywi”), developers of multi-language communication technologies whose inventions are licensed by Intel, Cisco Systems, and global telecoms, today announced the release of its Tywi-Webinar Interpreter, a groundbreaking software that turns any online conference, class, or meeting into a virtual United Nations translation experience.

Tywi is quick, easy, requires no downloads, and permits every attendee to enjoy the full, rich webinar experience while listening comfortably to interpretation by a professional interpreter located anywhere in the world.  Compatible with all web conferencing software (Webex, Zoom, Adobe Connect, Skype…), audiences click on a link to add real-time human interpretation for their online event.  A tiny window appears that overlays the event carrying the voice of the interpreter.  The audio mixes like a newscast, with the original audio softer in the background and the interpretation louder in the foreground, thereby recreating the vibrant atmosphere of a live, in-person conference.

Using Tywi-Webinar Interpreter is simple for everyone.  Interpreters translate from their home or office in any city or country, and their voices arrive online instantly as high quality HD audio.   Webinar speakers and meeting organizers only need their normal laptop or desktop – nothing else.  And participants and attendees just click a link for a popup with the interpretation.  Moreover, for the first time, attendees can chat back questions and comments in their native language, translated for the speaker.

Sue Reager, president of Translate Your World, who has a history of inventing language communication solutions, explains,  “What is revolutionary about this new approach to audio distribution is its global reach, accuracy, and professional user experience.  Corporations are using Tywi-Webinar Interpreter for global company conferences, some of which are hybrid of on-site and online.  Universities are signing up adult business students in South America, Europe, and Asia for interpreted online classes.  The voice of the interpreter can be recorded, and then blended with the webinar video for later viewing.  The translated video is ideal for delayed listeners in other time zones, and can also be resold.”

Voice To Subtitles

Perhaps the crowning achievement of the software is the add-on feature that turns the interpreter’s voice into subtitles to display on walls, monitors or personal devices.  At a click, the subtitles can also be automatically translated into other languages for smaller groups of attendees from other countries.  Instant captions for the Deaf can also be generated by the software from the original speaker’s voice, as well as Braille for the Deaf-Blind.  This composite creates an environment of total accessibility worldwide regardless of language or ability, while increasing international audience attention and sticky time.

The Way It Was

In the past, online interpretation approaches (mostly dial-in telephone) have annihilated the original language experience by switching translated languages to different audio channels, thereby silencing the original audio stream and creating a sound vacuum through which the international listeners only heard a semi-monotonous interpretation voice.  Tywi-Webinar Interpreter has volume balancing control, so the audience may lower the volume of the original speaker to about 30%, and continue to hear the personality, passion, applause, music, and laughter, while the interpreter’s voice shines through at full volume, sharing a perfect translation in the listener’s native tongue.

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About the author:
Sue Reager is president of Translate Your World (http://TranslateYourWorld.com) and columnist for Speech Technology Magazine.  Reager speaks 10 languages and codes in 4.   Her previous inventions are licensed by Cisco Systems, Intel, and others and used by communications companies around the world.