Environmental Education

Green Schools Project
Receive support to set up and run a fun and engaging student-led environmental programme.

Help your students to reach their potential by providing them with the tools to organise campaigns and develop environmental initiatives. Green Schools Project provides guides, presentations and resources that enable students to run projects such as an energy saving campaign, improving the school recycling system and setting up a vegetable garden. Schools can save thousands of pounds on energy bills while students learn important communication, leadership and teamwork skills that will help them to access university and employment.

1World News
Bringing global education to life so that future generations develop a greater understanding of the world.

1World News is a FREE newspaper that brings cultural, social and environmental issues to life, we believe that if we want to achieve the United Nations sustainable development goals we need future generations to have a greater understanding of the world and recognise the impact our lives have on it so they can forge a more just and more sustainable future for mankind.

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