WisePay launches SmartBooker service for sports facilities, room, equipment and hospitality bookings

WisePay has launched its new Smart-Booker software enabling schools and colleges to manage their premises intelligently, maximise usage and generate revenue. Sports facilities, rooms, equipment, IT and hospitality bookings can all be promoted and managed in one place. As well as looking after internal bookings, the service can also be used to advertise and manage facilities for fee paying customers booking outside of school hours.

Providing adaptable booking options, multiple payment possibilities, innovative use of space and forecasting management reports, Smart-Booker is a comprehensive and intelligent booking service.

Via WisePay’s Smart-Comms service, schools can send emails and texts to a distribution list, making it easy to advertise facilities. Gym subscriptions can also be purchased via this online service, in either a one-off payment or via instalments. Accounts can also be enabled with different access levels, making it possible for staff members to make a booking at ‘zero value’. A collision management feature ensures that dangerous activities, such as archery, cannot take place in close proximity to other activities.

Sports managers or caretakers responsible for preparing equipment for bookings can have access to daily reports, allowing them to see who is expected in their building and what additional equipment may be required. Additionally, catering teams can have access to all food and drink requirements associated to each booking.

Details of all payments can be viewed by administration staff, saving valuable time spent processing payments. Furthermore, WisePay’s Service provides schools and colleges with important information to help them decide if a booking or activity is financially viable.

Easy to navigate by members of the public, the system clearly displays all of the sporting facilities or rooms that are available, together with booking options.  Extra resources, such as tennis rackets, hospitality or equipment associated with each facility, can also be booked. The service is designed to be easily navigated by parents, customers and students, and provide quick access to the features users need to reach at anytime, anywhere, via PC, tablet or mobile.