Dremel’s new 3D40 Idea Builder boasts a bigger build platform, WiFi connectivity and a touch screen for easy use


Bringing 3Ducation to life and integrating the latest print tech solutions into the classroom to help inspire students from STEM subjects and beyond, Dremel, has now unveiled its next generation of build machines – in the shape of the new feature-rich 3D40 Idea Builder.


From 3D file building and problem solving, to sparking creativity and making STEM (Science, Technology, English and Maths) even more engaging, the 3D40 idea builder pulls together a wide spectrum of elements from across the school curriculum.


Making it simple to incorporate 3D printing into lesson plans, this latest model comes complete with a wide range of 3D files readily available that slot into the curriculum. Plus there is access to a host of downloadable project files including cell transformation kits to measuring equipment and the 3D40 can be used to encourage students to create themed objects or even design 3D files from scratch.


Thanks to integrated software, WiFi connectivity and a full colour touchscreen, it’s never been easier to unleash their imagination.




  • Greater Functionality

With one of the largest build platforms available, the Dremel 3D40 gives the flexibility to create even bigger objects with a combined print resolution of 100 Microns enabling printing at a high definition.  Printing has got even faster too and, printing at a range of just +/- 1mm too, means it is ideal for projects that require both intricacy and speed.


Easy to use, the 3D40 has a new semi-automatic levelling build platform with an alert notification, so you know exactly when it is ready to go. The maintenance free extruder also has automated filament load and unload ability, as well as a clog detection feature which triggers an automatic pause if any issues are detected.


  • Connected

Perfect for anyone on the move, the 3D Idea Builder has increased connectivity and can print objects either by direct link to a computer or via a USB stick.


The new model also comes with Wi-Fi compatibility, allowing users to monitor their build and interact with the 3D40 remotely too; so it is simple to check the temperature, time remaining and slice layer, as well as being able to cancel and pause printing and all without having to hover over your printer to know what stage it is at.


  • 3Ducation in Action

Showing just how effective this can be in the classroom, Dremel has been working with the University of Liverpool as part of its prototype project aimed at helping primary school students design, create and build a new roof truss for Anfield Stadium. With the stadium itself going through a large scale renovation, students were engaged in a real-life, of-the-moment engineering situation and the results were amazing.


Marking the launch of this latest 3D40 idea builder, Dremel has also launched a nationwide search to discover what students and three 3Ducation Student Ambassadors. Primary, secondary and colleges can all enter by submitting ideas of what they would print with a Dremel 3D40 with the winners winning an Idea Builder for their school and the chance to show just where their students can take this technology.


The Dremel 3D40 Idea Builder costs £1,099, and is available from October 2016 from retailers and the Dremel online shop.


It comes supplied with a white filament, a USB cable for connecting to a PC, a USB Flash Drive to store data, a power cord, three build tapes, tool to remove finished solids and a tool for cleaning the printhead. Additional coloured filaments are available separately. The 3D40 Idea Builder comes with a one year’s warranty.


For further information about the 3D40 Idea Builder, inspirational videos, project ideas and a selection of unique design tools, visit


The deadline to enter Dremel’s 3ducation Student Ambassador competition is 25 November 2016. For further information, visit