Synel UK provide innovative solution for parents



As parents’ concerns for safety & truancy are increasing, cutting-edge Student Smartphone App, EduReg School APP by Synel UK provides an innovative solution

Attendance scores are dropping and complaints about the safety of children are starting to take a toll on your schools reputation? Today, Synel UK a leading Software Solutions provider, announced the launch of a new smartphone App that can provide an effective solution to these problems. EduReg School App helps parents to keep track of their children school attendance and put their worries at ease. EduReg School App provides easy registration of students or staff with smart cards, QR codes or with manual entry. College and University students can utilise the same app on their own phones to track their attendance and keep up with their daily timetable.

Owner & Director of Synel UK & The Synel Group, Mr. Erez Buganim, says: “We are excited to launch our unique EduReg School App. EduReg is a web based suite of modular solutions for managing pupils interactions with the common elements of School life. In an independent life of todays pupils, there is increasing care for protection and security of our children. Synel is happy to deliver a unique solution that creates a safe world for the young generation without limiting its independent boundary”.

Synel’s UK General Manager, Mr. Yuval Gonen, says, “EduReg School App was designed by Education experts and with our long existing customers. We wanted a simple and user friendly interface for students with a Smartphone app. Most importantly this app allows parents to effectively monitor their children attendance and whereabouts”.

EduReg School App provides handy and useful features for Schools, Colleges or Universities:

  • Easy Registration
  • School Timetable
  • Push alerts and emails for students missing or late
  • Students attendance reports

Engaging Parents & Students

The EduReg School App can help engage both parents and students to improve student’s attendance and monitor their daily programme. The parent or student can login to view timetables and historical attendance reports, with easy to understand charts and statistics.

Parents can finally feel reassured about the safety of their children. EduReg School App immediately notifies parents with push alerts and emails when students are missing or late. So at any instance they can monitor the exact time their child clocks in and out of school.