Survey reveals how teachers really feel about Progress 8

Over 35 per cent have little or no understanding of the new measures


A recent survey on teachers’ understanding of the Government’s new accountability measures, Progress 8 and Attainment 8, has revealed that over 35 per cent of teachers feel they have ‘very little, little or no understanding’ of the new system.


The survey, that was carried out by online homework and exam-preparation service for secondary schools, SAM Learning, gained over 400 teacher responses.


A staggering 33 per cent of those surveyed said that they have received no training about Progress or Attainment 8, and 25 per cent said that their school or academy was ‘not’, ‘very slightly’, or ‘slightly’ prepared for the introduction of new measures.


Aimed at bridging the attainment gap for students, Progress 8 will capture the progress a student makes from the end of primary school to the end of secondary school, and as such level the playing field for all students. While its benefits are clear, there still appears to be an air of uncertainty and confusion among some teachers, which is worrying. As Gareth Mellor from SAM Learning explains, “As of September this year, these new measures will be mandatory in all UK schools; it’s important that all teachers fully understand it before it is rolled out, otherwise we have to question how beneficial it will really be for students.”


“Progress 8’s data-heavy method is complicated and difficult to get your head around, and teacher training, whether it’s internal or external, is vital. In addition, teachers, particularly those in the arts, may find that it negatively affects their subject area with the introduction of subject buckets, and some students may find the measure difficult to achieve. Teachers will also need to develop new methods of targeting intervention under the new measure. Progress 8 will put a lot of weight on teachers’ shoulders; it’s only fair that they receive all the support they need to ensure they are properly prepared for this.”


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