Setting the standards for safe Food Service Allergen Management


Assessing where allergen cross contact and contamination can occur from the supply chain through to the kitchen and then on to a customer requires the same due diligence as food safety management.


Whereas companies have been getting to grips with managing food allergens in their businesses; making sure this new method of working is continuous and carried out by all staff all the time is difficult to say the least.


Members of the Allergen Accreditation scheme have already adopted HACCP style practises in their businesses and this has proved to be invaluable by operators and achieved high acclaim from visiting inspectors.


These same members are leading the way and as part of their Sharing of Best Practice they now contribute to the design and concepts behind the schemes (FA) HACCP.


It was one thing to create extensive flow charts and written policies for companies to adhere to safe allergen management and assessing where critical control points occur.  But in reality the risk would be for yet another set of excellent papers would add to the long list of files in the kitchen office, rarely to be seen and read by staff.


Making HACCP more staff friendly was required when it came to allergen management.  A method was needed that ensured all staff would read and understand the key messages for the safe management of allergens and something memorable and enjoyable to look at was the key.


Introducing Hazards of Allergens!

The serious angle is that each issue has a serious message on safe allergen management representing back of house and front of house.  They build up in to an excellent collection of A-Z scenarios covering many of the FA HACCP’s that can be encountered.


Story lines include: referring to written allergen data to double check for a customer, use of gloves, use of separate serving utensils, dealing with May Contain statements etc.


They are not just briefing papers however.  They work really well as training handouts and reminders to staff as well as excellent induction tools for new starters and for temporary staff.



“In a comic format, that we all love, makes it very easy for all members of staff to quickly understand the message!” Comments Julian Edwards CEO of FSAM.  He also adds “We have been writing  allergen and intolerance policies for some 20 years and it is very rare that we have seen these visibly available to staff in the catering businesses we visit.  These comics will bring to life what is normally a bind for caterers and it will make it so much easier for employers and managers to get staff to read them and sign that they understand them!”


The Allergens of Hazard comic collection is freely available from Allergen Accreditation which the operational name of Food Service Allergen Management.  They have been inspired by the very best allergen managers who have committed to Sharing Best Practice with the UK catering industry.  Accredited business can download these off the member’s area and any other interested parties can email for their free regular issue.


Introducing the new: (Food Allergen) Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Collection