Schools have turned to online learning solutions to cope with expected upcoming school closures across the UK

Online education platform Up Learn has reported a surge in demand from educators preparing for upcoming school closures across the UK.  The Edtech company, which counts Holly and Sam Branson (children of entrepreneur Richard Branson) and venture capital firm Forward Partners amongst its backers, has seen a seven-fold increase in month-on-month school sales due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Many teachers are desperately trying to put together resources and video calls to continue their teaching online. Some are wisely turning to EdTech for a proven ready-made solution,” Up Learn Founder and CEO Guy Riese stated, “Educators are using Up Learn to supplement teaching and ensure students have access to learning material as part of instructions to prepare for closures across the UK that could last months.”

More than 100,000 students have signed up to the all-in-one online A Level courses that Up Learn offers. The platform guarantees all students an A-A* or their money back and reports a 97% A-A* success rate amongst students. Additionally, they have seen record levels of enquiries from concerned students and parents.

“Social distancing is necessary to ensure we all stay safe, but students shouldn’t have to put their education and futures at risk,” Mr Riese added, “Our thoughts are with those negatively affected, and we continue to support students during this difficult time.”    

Up Learn was founded by Guy Riese in 2016 to make the most effective learning experience in the world accessible to all.  Investors include Holly and Sam Branson (children of entrepreneur Richard Branson) and venture capital firm Forward Partners. 97% of students that complete Up Learn courses achieve A-A*. Up Learn guarantee students that complete courses an A-A* or a full refund.

Up Learn courses contain everything that students need to achieve top grades in the most efficient way possible. Content is produced by a world-class team of educators using applied cognitive science. AI provides students with real-time feedback on their performance. Students can sign up for a free trial at; prices start from £24.99; scholarships available.