Refurbishing Hot Water Systems In Existing School Buildings

The recently published government Strategy for Education Estates Sustainability has set a programme of trials deploying smart meters and energy management systems for existing estate buildings to help reduce usage and operational costs. Alongside this is a commitment to test the feasibility of replacing school boilers with ground or air source heat pump applications that can be upscaled to accelerate decarbonisation between 2025 and 2035. For domestic hot water (DHW) systems heat pumps still present a complex, and therefore more expensive, challenge when refurbishing older buildings.  If you are considering upgrading or need to quickly replace an existing boiler of water heater, you could still opt for a natural gas appliance, one that is not officially considered hydrogen-ready, for at least the next ten years without concerns of breaching new regulations. So long as the new unit is more efficient than the unit being replaced. This provides a safety net while assessing new technology options prior to the 2035 deadline for deploying gas-fired appliances.

Recognising this need for more efficient, lower emission gas-fired water heaters to bridge the technology gap for existing educations properties, commercial hot water specialist Adveco has developed the ADplus. 

A high-power gas-fired condensing water heater, ADplus is available in three variants with 70 kW, 115 kW and 140 kW rated heat output each feature an integrated 120-litre stainless steel water storage tank instantly providing continuous and on-demand domestic hot water (DHW).

Heat is provided by the patented Fecralloy premix burner fed by a consistent balanced air/gas ratio at each point of turndown. The high modulation ratio results in high 106% combustion efficiency with ultra-low NOX (Class 6 appliance at 27 mg/kWh) and CO emissions (19ppm). The 115kW and 140kW ADplus variants offer two high-quality heat exchangers. Constructed from a corrosive-resistant continuous run of AISI 316Ti titanium-stabilised stainless steel, these provide balanced highly efficient operation and built-in redundancy.


Designed as a high capacity and reliable method for delivering instantaneous hot water to a school or higher education building, the tough, stainless steel 120-litre storage tank enables the ADplus to serve as a semi-storage system, providing always available and instantaneous supply with quick recovery times for large-scale continuous provision of DHW. For smaller on-demand needs, ADplus heats what is necessary, with no ignition for smaller withdrawals providing considerable energy savings. When heat is required, the condensing technology provides up to 30% savings in fuel consumption.


The ADplus boasts a compact, floor-standing arrangement designed to pass through a standard 65cm wide door for easy installation without need for racking and just 10cm clearance between units. The integrated cascade controller supports full temperature control and self-check maintenance functions for up to 8 joined units all of which can be seamlessly integrated into building management services.


With minimal NOX and CO emissions, the ADplus range is an eco-friendly way to serve a building’s DHW system. The rugged construction, supported by Adveco’s in-house warranty engineers, provides operational longevity and real peace of mind for your investment, making it perfect for refurbishment of existing gas-fired systems and new projects seeking lower cost system redundancy for large-scale heat pump based applications.