Prowise and AVDAN win contract for 2500 touchscreens in Copenhagen

Birmingham – Prowise and its Danish partner AVDAN have won the contract for supplying interactive flatpanels to all the educational institutions in the Danish capital Copenhagen. The agreement includes the installation and implementation of approximately 2500 touchscreens. 

All schools and childcare facilities in Copenhagen are upgraded with the Prowise Touchscreens. Over the next two years, all outdated projectors in Copenhagen will be replaced by Prowise Touchscreens including iPro lift system and PC module. The contract includes supplying touchscreens to around 2500 classrooms at 70 schools and 600 childcare facilities. 

Prowise service

The delivery and installation of Prowise Touchscreens to Copenhagen started on 14 October this year. The parties involved in the framework agreement made a two-year commitment. When all parties are satisfied the collaboration will be extended with another two years. The agreement does not only include the supply and installation of the screens, lifts and internal PCs, but also the trusted Prowise service and support. 


AVDAN has the highest Prowise partner certification and is responsible for the rollout of the project in Copenhagen. The Danish company provides the installation, implementation, training and service. Naturally, Prowise remains fully involved in the tender. Fun fact: there are already thousands of Prowise Presenter users in and around Copenhagen. This is the education software that Prowise offers to teachers and pupils for free.