Northern Grid for Learning helps schools in the North East avoid broadband disruption


  • The BT Broadband Contract for schools in the North East will cease in July 2017, but Northern Grid for Learning (NGfL) will continue to provide schools with E-Safety support as they do now
  • NGfL is providing guidance and advice to its schools ahead of the contract end, to ensure they experience minimal disruption
  • Through a new campaign being introduced, schools can renew broadband contracts with the NEN through E2BN and continue to receive all the safeguards and benefits


Following the news that North East schools with current BT broadband contracts will be required to source an alternative provider by July 2017, Northern Grid for Learning (NGfL), has advised schools that high-quality, cost-effective broadband can be acquired through The National Education Network (NEN).


With over 15 years of successfully exceeding the expectations and broadband requirements across the UK, the NEN, alongside its partner, the East of England Broadband Network, E2BN – a public sector organisation set up to provide safe and secure broadband to the education sector – have the experience and capacity to ensure schools have secure and fit-for-purpose broadband that meets their requirements.


Through its Department for Education (DfE) compliant IT procurement framework, E2BN is ideally placed to ensure schools in the North East of England are able to move to another provider following the end of the BT Broadband Contract.


The contract was awarded to BT Global service in 2012 for PSN-compliant Broadband services to schools and local authorities within the North East of England. With the contract due to expire in July 2017, schools will need to change providers, but NGfL is advising them of the best route of action.


Simon Finch of NGfL, said: “The existing BT contract will come to an end later this year, and while schools will have to move to another provider, there are simple ways of doing this that will cause minimal disruption, and we will of course continue to provide advice and guidance on the most cost-effective and efficient ways of doing this.


“Recent press reports about NGfL’s demise are unfounded. We will continue to provide schools with E-Safety support and can help them in selecting a new Broadband provider through E2BN. The E2BN frameworks will save schools time and money, as well as providing them with the same benefits and security that are currently provided by NGfL.”


Chris Kastel, CEO of E2BN, said: “Unfortunately there have been recent reports of private sector companies using scare tactics to try and frighten schools into signing potentially unsuitable contracts. We’ve seen that happen elsewhere in the country and we’re working closely with NGfL to ensure that schools in the North East have all the necessary information to help them decide what they want and need.  And through our frameworks we have access to the best solutions and value for money from the biggest national providers because we already deal with thousands of schools nationally.”

If you are a North East school with any concerns or queries, then please contact NGfL on: 0191 643 2855 or E2BN on: 01462 834588