New Educated Choices Program Video Library Prioritizes Accessible Education


The Educated Choices Program (ECP) has launched a new digital library, offering free, on-demand access to its food education packages, including in-depth video presentations, lesson plans, quizzes, discussion prompts, homework, and follow-up resources, to promote discussions of human and planetary health. More than 3.4 million viewers have already used this curriculum across 56 countries and territories to become empowered to make real-world changes through their everyday food choices. This impactful education is more accessible than ever with enhanced closed-captioning options, student-viewing links, and resources in English, Spanish, Polish, and Portuguese.


“This extensive library offers convenient access to all our presentation packages at no cost, serving as a centralized hub of knowledge, tools, and resources to support faculty and communities’ education efforts and enhance our viewers’ experience worldwide.”


– Lorena Mucke, CEO of the Educated Choices Program


A skilled team of curriculum developers, including several former educators, continually research, update, and disseminate information from trusted, evidence-based sources. ECP also creates materials that are inclusive of the different demographics and experiences that represent its worldwide audience. This results in approachable, educative materials that can engage classrooms and communities worldwide.


The Educated Choices Program is fully funded by private donors and provides its curriculum for free, online 24/7 at