Lumi announces expansion of Meetoo into the education sector

Lumi, a global leader in real-time audience insight technology, has today announced the launch of its free* cloud-based education platform, Meetoo.


The platform, which enhances learning through live student polling, digital conversations, access to live reports and the collation of anonymous feedback facilitates productive classroom interaction between students and teachers; a daily challenge in all schools and colleges.


Meetoo tackles a common issue in today’s learning environments, that of students paying more attention to their personal digital gadgets than they do to their lecturer. With Meetoo, educators can now harness technology to create a more dynamic and responsive classroom experience, leading to better learning outcomes and more involved students.


Originally developed to create more interactive and productive business meetings, Meetoo has been adopted by a number of such prestigious international corporations including PwC, KPMG and AIG.


A number of Higher Education institutions, including Coventry University, the University of Chester and the University of Central Lancashire, have reported a measurable improvement in student/lecturer classroom interaction. Michael Anthony Wood at the University of Central Lancashire said, “Students love Meetoo’s mobile functionality whilst our lecturers find it a simple and effective way to gain student insights as well as instantly providing formative feedback.”


Jon Fowler, Head of Lumi’s Education Business Unit, said, “I am excited about Meetoo’s potential in education.  We have been working closely with several education institutions in the past year to fully understand their needs. To date the reaction has been significantly positive.”


Meetoo is compatible with any Internet enabled device and the native app is available for both iOS and Android. Easy, efficient and clearly effective, Meetoo is ideally suited for use in classroom environments and can be applied to up to 1000 students.