Kortext and Microsoft empowers students to take ownership of digital learning

Kortext, the UK’s leading digital textbooks platform, has unveiled the first phase of its integration with Microsoft which aims to give students much greater choice over their digital reading materials.


As part of the programme, Kortext has integrated its digital textbook software into the Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based platforms, which have been adopted by over 100 universities nation-wide.


This phase of the programme will see Kortext integrate with Microsoft’s OneDrive in the IOS, Android and Windows apps, enabling users to access thousands more additional files. The integration with OneDrive enables students to import their own articles, lecture notes and study documents into the Kortext app straight from their OneDrive account.


Kortext will also fully integrate the online reader, iOS, Android and Windows app with Microsoft OneNote, allowing students and academics to export notes made against their course materials into a dedicated Kortext OneNote notebook, which can be accessed online, or through the OneNote app.


The updates will allow students to access all Office 365 applications in Kortext’s online reader and native apps with a single sign in for seamless navigation between platforms.


James Gray, CEO of Kortext, said: “We are delighted with how the work with Microsoft has progressed. We now have the opportunity to reach the 15 million UK education users that currently use the Office 365 platform. The second phase of Kortext’s integration with Office 365 will see the launch of a Windows 10 Universal app.


“Students are able to take complete ownership of their learning as they are no longer restricted to the literature provided by their universities. They now have the freedom to pick and choose their own reading materials from anywhere on the web, make notes, or write full papers themselves, and import them straight from their OneDrive account to their Kortext reader.”


For more information, please visit http://www.kortext.com/