It’s not all bad news….the kids at St Scholastica’s, Hackney, show the way.

It’s been a sobering few days for those who thought  we were turning the tide of childhood fitness and overall  participation in sport.


As Richard Williams in the Guardian writes:’ The first came on Monday, when Sport England’s half-yearly survey revealed a fall of 220,000 in the number of people of all ages taking part in sport of any kind for at least half an hour a week, compared with the previous six months.Then on Friday came a survey from a group of researchers at Essex University indicating a dramatic worsening in the fitness of Britain’s schoolchildren. Don’t blame obesity caused by massive amounts of sugar-saturated food and drink. Children with perfectly normal levels of body fat are now showing themselves to be less fit than those of earlier generations, and the blame is placed on a sedentary lifestyle – in other words, a lack of exercise.’


This Tuesday sees Kate Percy and Go Faster Food ambassador, GB pole vaulter and winner of this Sunday’s National U23 competition, Lucy Bryan running an ‘eating for energy’ workshop at St Scholastica’s Primary School in Hackney


St Scholastica’s are winners of the competition organised around the Vitality Hackney half-marathon. Kate was asked by the organisers of the Vitality Run series Go 2 Events in an initiative funded by Hackney Council to put together a way of highlighting the inextricable link between what we eat and how we perform. Go Faster Food produced 1000 booklets (pictured right) – entitled ‘a taste of Go Faster Food for Kids’ for the 30 schools that participated. A spokesman from Hackney council said:


‘Using Kate’s Nutrition Tool Kit and Superfuel recipes the programme will provide active kids and their families with hands on and practical advice that will enable children to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle, fostering habits that will stay with them as they grow and develop into young adults.’


As part of the initiative a competition was run where the children wrote about why they were running. The winner, Regina Clement, a Year 6 pupil at St Scholastica’s says:


‘I like running because it’s healthy for your body. You can do it anywhere. Park, garden or gym…I like running because it’s for everyone.’


Kate said:


‘I’m really looking forward to spending the morning at St Scholastica’s. I’ve been up and down the country since launching the schools’ programme in November seeing how kids of all ages really ‘get’ it when I talk about eating the right foods to help them ‘Go Faster’ and feel better rather than drone on about ‘healthy eating’. Having Lucy accompany me tomorrow is a real bonus. The kids are just going to love making energy balls and power shakes with her!’


Go Faster Food launched its schools programme last November and is already in regular touch with over 4000 teachers around the country. An email campaign directed at the leadership teams, Design and Technology and PE departments went out to 24,000+ schools and the message is being helped by delivering delicious recipes direct to teachers in boxes every Friday in an initiative which is proving extremely popular.


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