Interview with Aldo De Pape – Founder of Teach Pitch.



TEM – Aldo, please tell me why you are now every teachers new best friend?


ALDO – Hahaha, I would surely love to be.


TeachPitch is a web-based platform that helps teachers and schools to find the best online learning resources in the quickest way possible.


With a growing abundance of learning material available on the Internet (e.g.: videos, downloads, lesson plans, online courses and online tutoring) it is becoming increasingly difficult for teachers to find the best available resources most relevant to the learning questions they have. As a former teacher I know how constraint for time (and budget) educators can be and with our platform we focus on presenting you with the best resources out there in the quickest way possible.


TEM – So, effectively a time efficient search engine?


ALDO – Yes that is step number one. After you have found the right resources we offer you a range of functionalities to save, rate, review and plan around the resources you have identified. We are fortunate enough to be growing very quickly – in the thousands of teachers from over 81 countries have already signed up  – so you are also able to share your learning ideas with educators from all over the world with just the click of a button.


TEM- Can this platform meet specific outcomes for each school?


ALDO – It sure can. Through our TeachPitch for Schools solution that we are due to launch later this year, we allow multiple people within a school to work with our technology. Many central administrators and school directors are looking for optimal ways to work together with their teachers on the identification of online resources for purposes of collaboration, re-use, induction and even evaluation. Such an account would allow people in a central school position to have an overview of which material their teachers are using while giving suggestions on how to fit it even better within the school program or curriculum.


We are really happy to see that schools are currently signing up to find out how they can work with our technology to this end.


TEM – What about teachers CPD, everyone needs to be informed, can this help those on the ground meet their own needs too?


ALDO – Yes. We are seeing a growing number of CPD courses becoming digitally available. Technology has enabled us to disseminate  great online CPD courses so a teacher can work with such material at his/her own pace. Another advantage is that the teacher has a genuine choice as to which course is most appropriate and relevant.


We are currently partnering with a number of teacher training agencies and video platforms in the UK so teachers can find and work with CPD resources online.


TEM – What are your plans for further development Aldo?


ALDO – It is our aim to help as many teachers and schools as possible by finding them the best online learning resources. In terms of development we want to be the best technology out there, so teachers can truly learn more and teach better.  Currently we are working on building solutions that teachers and schools can use while using the most relevant resources at the right point in time.


We aim to be as precise as possible, implementing carefully what and how teachers are going to use our technology.


It is great to see that the TP community is growing and we receive great feedback from our teachers as to what we should build first.


TEM – As we were speaking here, I have managed to access Teach Pitch from my mobile device, I love that its on the move!


ALDO –  Thank you – we are working with a team of 11 people on TeachPitch right now, so every day I see improvements on the platform. It is really great to be part of such a process.


TEM – What would you say to the Head Teachers reading this right now?


ALDO – Think digital!  There are so many great online resources out there that you can use to support your teachers every step of the way.


TEM – Well then, and extremely informative chat! Thank you for speaking with us Aldo, where can we find out more about Teach Pitch?


Sign up to and let us know what you see. We would love to hear your thoughts.