A popular London fee-paying school is offering two local children prized places at the establishment . . . worth more than £11,000 a year per child.

Avenue House School, an independent day school in Ealing, is looking for two new Year 1 pupils to be awarded up to a 100% discount on tuition fees, starting in September 2017.

The school’s bursary scheme opened for applications on Monday, June 5th and is aimed at attracting parents who believe their child will benefit from an education at the school but are prevented from joining for financial reasons.

School proprietor David Immanuel says: “I wish to broaden access to the school by offering eligible parents means-tested financial support with the payment of fees.

Children here are taught in small classes where they can develop an excellent work ethic and achieve high standards in academic and non-academic subjects.”

Mr Immanuel adds: “Avenue House is not an academically selective school.  To be considered for a bursary, however, children will be required to undertake an informal assessment to identify potential.  We wish to ensure that financial assistance will be offered to those children who show the potential not only to benefit from an Avenue House education but also to contribute positively to school life academically and perhaps with other talents – in sports, music, art or drama – in order to further enrich the school community.”

The process is as follows:

• Parents/guardians make an appointment to visit the school

• Arrangements are made for assessment of the child

• Parents/guardians are required to complete a bursary application form, which seeks to establish the financial circumstances of the household

• The Headteacher identifies those children who are likely to make sound academic progress following admission and possess the potential to develop the quality of his or her work and benefit from participation in the wider, extra-curricular activities on offer at the school

• All bursary applications for children will be processed by an external specialist bursary company who will report their findings to the Governors

• Places at the school and the level of financial support to be provided are awarded at the discretion of the Governors. Parents are notified accordingly

For more information about bursaries please contact: Justin Sheppard, Headteacher on 020 8998 9981