Employment experts, Hays Education, has launched a free comprehensive learning resource called Hays Inspire, for primary and secondary schools to deliver workplace insights and career advice to navigate the world of work.


The launch comes as the latest UCAS data revealed that 12% of pupils aged 16 are yet to receive any career guidance and with parents and friends advising the two-thirds of those who have, it’s pivotal that teachers are equipped with the tools to provide students with thorough and extensive career advice. Hays Inspire offers such tools, making specialist unbiased advice readily available for teachers to raise aspirations of pupils.


The platform provides a series of ready-made lesson plans suitable for primary and secondary schools, focussing on Year 6, 9 and 10/11 to reflect key educational milestones in mainstream education, containing up-to-date information from leading businesses, aiding schools to achieve the Gatsby Benchmarks*.


The lesson plans, that are a window into different organisations are uploaded regularly into an established Learning Management System, and are readily accessible by all teaching staff to help pupils make relatable connections with their education, to potential careers.


National Director of Hays Education, Paul Matthias, commented: “With a thriving job market, it’s crucial that our future workforce is guided to understand and optimise the opportunities that are available to them, post-education.


Understandably, the prospects of finding a career that matches an individual’s skills and personality, whilst juggling exams and co-curricular activities, can be a challenging task. However, with Hays Inspire, teachers have the facilities to quite literally ‘inspire’ their pupils, with extensive options of professions, through market-leading resources.”


“Leading infrastructure services and engineering company, Amey, who have already signed to provide content for Hays Inspire, said: “Amey are proud partners of Hays Inspire, to help provide career advice, inspiration and insights into our world of work. We see the true value and importance of bringing education and employment together, to help solve the engineering skills shortage and inspire our next generation. As a large engineering and infrastructure company, we have an important role to play in giving young people direct exposure to the innovative and thriving engineering industry, promoting the various career paths and ultimately for young people to aspire to work in this industry”. – Sarah Hale, Social Value Manager, Amey


Brian Lightman, PiXL Futures Lead and former General Secretary ASCL, said: “At a time when young people need as much support and guidance as possible to navigate their way through the vast range of career opportunities Hays Inspire is a really useful new free learning resource for primary and secondary schools in the PiXL network. The real-life employer encounters and lesson plans adapted for Year 6, Year 9 and Year 10 and 11 help create context in their subjects and enable them to gain insights into how their future career journeys can take shape.”


In addition to the extensive learning packages, Hays Inspire offers 23 free wellbeing courses and their Learning Management System (LMS), which are available to an unlimited number of users. To find out more, visit: www.hays.co.uk/online-learning/education-training/hays-inspire/