Google Rolls Out New Resources To Help Teachers Educate Students About Staying Safe Online

Yesterday Google announces that it is launching a new Safety Centre, a comprehensive site dedicated to helping teachers educate children about keeping safe online.

The Google Safety Center features resources and information to help teachers discuss important topics like data security, privacy controls, and online protections with their students. The site will be available in more than 65 languages in the coming weeks.

Before the launch of the new and updated Security Centre, Google conducted research with more than 200 teachers to learn about their experience with online safety in the classroom. They found that teachers believe children should start learning about online safety as early as the age of seven and almost all (99%) felt that it should be a part of the curriculum.

The new Safety Centre’s resources have been made available during EU Cybersecurity month, and include:

Useful resources and tools to teach students about digital safety and citizenship
• A number of easy-to-use Google privacy controls so students can choose the settings that are right for them. This includes the ability to undertake a Privacy Checkup
Helpful security tips to enable teachers to educate students about safety whenever they’re online
Be Internet Legends in partnership with family internet safety experts Parent Zone, is a programme aimed at 7 – 11 year olds to help them be safe, confident explorers of the online world – through online platforms, teaching resources, face-to-face workshops and assemblies, and free training resources to over 19,000 UK teachers.

Katie O’Donovan, online safety policy manager at Google UK, said: “Not every student uses the Internet the same way, making online safety a challenge for teachers. At Google we want to support teachers to help students to make choices online that are right for them, our Google Safety Centre is designed to help them do just that.”