Games to Help your Child’s memory – Words by Dunc Llew


You know that corny old cliché, Practice makes Perfect? Sadly there is a physiological explanation that shows it’s true. When actions are repeated, Myelin is produced in the brain which connects neurons; the more Myelin, the stronger the connection, the better performance.

So if you want to do something easy to help your child’s memory, find a game they like and play a lot. Some suggestions:

  1. Play card games that require visual memory. Pairs (matching pairs of cards) is particularly good as it uses Working Memory, but other games like Crazy Eights & Uno require players to mentally recall which cards have been played.
  2. Play Missing item (remember items on a tray and them remove one).
  3. Give them an item, cover and and ask to describe in as much detail as possible (eg Tell Me Ten Things About…).
  4. Copying pictures will encourage children to focus on different aspects of the image.
  5. Spot the Difference games

Words by Dunc Llew.

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