From pitch to classroom: storytelling platform launches free live football themed learning


Following the buzz surrounding the kick off to the FIFA World Cup, immersive storytelling platform, Lyfta, is launching free live lessons to stream into classrooms across the UK, themed around the positive values that sport encourages including resilience, leadership and teamwork.

The interactive 30 minutes live streamed lessons take place on 30th November and 2nd December. Teachers will be able to access the live lessons via a Zoom link with no preparation required. 

As the world gets swept up in the excitement surrounding the World Cup, it is an ideal opportunity to engage pupils in meaningful learning and discussion on important skills such as teamwork, leadership and coping with success and failure. Utilising sport is an excellent way to nurture positive values and personal skill sets.  

Participating pupils will experience one of the stories from Lyfta’s Kids’ Cup which features Anna from Norway as she prepares to compete in the international Kids’ Cup competition. We’ll see Anna’s home and bedroom in 360° and see how she has to learn that coping with disappointment is all part of the game.

Pupils will get an insight into the different lives children across the world lead, and understand how sport is integral to fostering positive values to unite communities. 

Serdar Ferit, CEO at Lyfta, said:

“We know that real human stories provide a powerful tool to model positive values to children – a way for them to learn from others and reflect on their own values and behaviours at a safe distance. We hope our live lessons will provide an easy and impactful way for educators to  leverage the excitement of the World Cup as a powerful learning opportunity for students.”


The sports-related immersive lessons will take place on Wednesday, 30th November and Friday, 2nd December. For more information and to register a class for the 2022 Fifa Men’s Football World Cup Lyfta Live Lesson, please visit: