Freedesk AB unveils further products for quality of life improvements to everyday activities

With two new product launches, Freedesk AB (“Freedesk”) is now broadening its range of products to further contribute to an active, productive and healthy everyday life. With Freedesk Personal Space and Freedesk Lap Top Stand, the potential for focused work with good ergonomics is enhanced in office environments and schools, among other places. With the launch of Freedesk Personal Space and Freedesk Lap Top Stand, Freedesk is expanding its product range for the purpose of encouraging increased sales at existing retail outlets and also to attract new retail outlets to carry its products. The products were recently unveiled at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, where Freedesk received an initial order from a distributor in Finland for its height adjustable working surface (HAW), Freedesk Desk Riser.

– With the launch of Freedesk Personal Space and the Freedesk Lap Top Stand, we now complement our range of products for active and productive living and contribute to a healthier lifestyle. We will continue to develop solutions that are more user-friendly, flexible and cost-effective in relation to what the rest of the market offers, comments Stefan Westergård, CEO of Freedesk AB.

Freedesk Personal Space has been developed to respond to high noise levels and recurring distractions in classrooms and office environments with an open-office floorplan. The product is a portable solution with a sound dampening material, which enables the user to have the possibility of screening off sound and distractions, thus being better able to focus on their work. Freedesk Personal Space is a practical and physically attractive solution that also offers the opportunity for the storage of school or work related materials, while at the same time it is easy to fold up and carry to another location.

Freedesk Lap Top Stand provides a more ergonomic working position when working with a laptop or similar computer. With an innovative height tray, optimal ergonomic design for the user is created. Freedesk Lap Top Stand can be used as an accessory to the Freedesk Desk Riser or as a standalone solution, and is easily stored under the user’s Freedesk Desk Riser with the use of magnets.

Freedesk Personal Space and Freedesk Lap Top Stand hold industrial design protection rights and a patent application relating to Freedesk Lap Top Stand was submitted in February 2017. If the patent is granted, Freedesk will have IP protection through 2037. 

Participation at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair and the first initial order from distributor in Finland
Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is the world’s largest meeting place for Scandinavian design, where more than 700 companies gathered. Buyers, designers, architects and journalists from more than 60 countries participated in this year’s trade fair. During the trade fair, Freedesk established new contacts with resellers, distributors and customers worldwide. Via its participation in the trade fair, the company expanded its international network and sales channels.

During the trade fair, Freedesk received an initial order from a distributor in Finland for its Freedesk Desk Riser, which has already been delivered. The order is of minor financial value but has a significant strategic importance as the basis for establishing a mutually profitable cooperative relationship.

– An important part of Freedesk’s strategy for increasing sales is to be present at international trade fairs. In this way, we build relationships and increase market awareness of Freedesk and our products. We can conclude that our participation at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair was of significant value for us. Among other achievements, we received an initial order from a distributor in Finland. The financial value of the order may not be so large, but it has a significant strategic value, explains Stefan Westergård, who concludes:
– We will increase our trade fair presence in 2017 with a focus on new business opportunities and global expansion.

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