Free Compliance for ALL Schools

Compliance management experts iAM Compliant are on a mission to make sure that all schools are operating fully within the law.

Every school has a legal duty of care to their staff, pupils and visitors to their premises. The problem is that remaining within the law can be costly and time-consuming if not managed efficiently. iAM Compliant allows every school to have a free user of their school compliance management software.

Luke Pargeter, Co Founder and CEO of iAM Compliant explains,

“Having visited over 200 UK schools in the last 5 years, it is heartbreaking to see some with huge deficits who cannot even afford stationary until the new school year. School compliance should never be viewed as a luxury. Compliance is a necessity for the safety and wellbeing of each all staff, pupils and visitors, and so we believe offering a free account ensures that no school is left behind in our quest to make every school in the UK compliant.”

This software covers the three key areas of school premises tasks, health and safety training and policies and risk. The digital basis of the system allows reports to be stored easily and safely and updates to be circulated with ease. The extensive learning library is fun and easy to use; we are determined to prove that safety and compliance need not be boring! The free plan gives one user access to the full premises compliance toolkit including incident and accident reporting, personalised audits and risk assessments, fire safety training and how-to video guides for safety and compliance tasks. Reminders and alerts for overdue maintenance and other projects are also included, as well as cost-saving insights.

Recently the learning library has been updated with a free Covid-19 overview course that explains more about the virus, how to spot the signs and other important information regarding face masks and PPE. The iAM Compliant Team also created a library of Covid-19 forms supporting schools as they returned and maintained their premises.

Schools are busy environments and above all iAM Compliant want to ensure that the safety of staff, pupils and visitors can be ensured easily and with clarity.