Europe’s first distance learning MA Fine Art graduates’ exhibition showcasing at The Civic

Europe’s first online MA Fine Art degree show is taking place at in Barnsley this June.  The eleven artists, collectively exhibiting as X1, come from England, Mauritius, Oman, Scotland, Spain, Thailand and the USA. For the first time, this exhibition will showcase the works the students have created over the last three years, in mediums including painting and three-dimensional painting, drawing, print-making, sculpture and photography.


The postgraduate programme was launched in 2010 by Barnsley-based education charity The Open College of the Arts.  After three years of studying and creating as members of an international virtual community, the students are coming together to show their work in the real world. They have studied for their Masters degree on a part-time basis through online seminars, virtual tutorials and lectures.


“The students graduating from the Open College of the Arts’ MA in Fine Art are a highly motivated international group of professional artists making work that is exciting, innovative and engages with the contemporary art world. Their exhibition, The Eleven, brings together three years of dedicated study and collaboration.”Caroline Wright, MA Fine Art course leader, OCA


The Eleven:

Jennifer Ault – exploring the ambiguous boundaries between inside and outside the human body.

Debani Bhardinj – a visual storyteller, inspired by the realm of dreams and dreams within dreams.

Jennifer Boldt – works in the place between science and art.

Mark Daniels – depicting the beauty of decay and transformation of objects and minerals using emerging digital and traditional photographic processes.

Jane Dudley – the impact of institutionalisation through the language of sculpture and spontaneous mark-marking draws.

Judith Farr – exuberant and even child-like work that skips between the use of diverse low-brow materials, found objects, craft foam and glitter to create three-dimensional non-objective paintings.

Roshni Gooninj Beeharry  – an evolutionary perspective on the familiar locale of her home island of Mauritius

Iain Holman – looking at how emotions can be conveyed by body language through the social masks we wear.

Alex Kershaw – the overlooked and hidden details of the lush and layered landscape of Perthshire through drawing, painting, printmaking, lens-based media and poetry.

Rosi Robinson – the merging of mental and physical spaces by making reference to, digitally tracing over or expanding found areas within images of derelict allotment huts.

Jillienne Sellner  – responding to the gap between words and mark-making using text, drawing, sculpture, film, video and audio.


X1 MA Degree Show is at The Civic from at Thursday 16 June to Saturday 25 June, 10am-6pm (Tues-Sat) Admission is free.


For more information and to book visit or call the Box Office on 01226 327000.