Entrust launches EducationSpace

Entrust Support Services Limited (Entrust) continues to disrupt the education sector in England this summer by launching EducationSpace, a digital portal for education professionals. EducationSpace will provide a ‘go to’ place for support, guidance and tools to build sustainable school improvement, raise standards and provide educational excellence.

“Excellence in education is at the heart of Entrust. Our passion is inspiring futures and creating better outcomes for children, young people and adults,” said Rob Boyles, Entrust CEO. “EducationSpace is our answer to the challenge posed by Education Secretary Damian Hinds to launch an education revolution for schools. We recognise that schools are facing budget pressures and EducationSpace provides a high quality, affordable option for ongoing professional development and support.”

The introduction of EducationSpace comes as an addition to Entrust’s portfolio of online resources, following on from the success of GovernorSpace launched in January 2018 in partnership with the DfE. GovernorSpace supports over 4,500 Governors and Clerks to facilitate increased expertise through access to advice, guidance and online training.

Following the highly successful delivery model of GovernorSpace, Entrust is launching three new digital products. From June 2019 Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) will be able to access NQTSpace. This will enable NQTs to evaluate, develop and review their practice to meet the Teachers’ Standards as well as benefitting from the well-established Entrust Appropriate Body Service.

Also launching in June 2019, is SENDSpace which will provide a whole-school development programme to support schools to successfully implement the graduated response. School leaders, SENCos and Practitioners will be guided through their own, role-specific, self-evaluation and development programme to create better outcomes for pupils.

WorkExperienceSpace is currently available to Staffordshire schools. This will be expanding in June 2019 to provide a national reach. WorkExperienceSpace is an online tool to support schools to successfully manage their work experience activities. The tool guides and enables school leaders, students and employers to get the best from work experience through a range of packages.

“EducationSpace will provide education professionals access to industry leading expertise, personalised support, mentoring, skills and knowledge. This digital offer enables universal access due to its flexibility and cost effectiveness,” said Jayne Thorpe, Entrust Director of Education Services.

To find out more visit www.educationspace.co.uk or email educationspace@entrust-ed.co.uk