English as an Additional Language (EAL) Intervention Programme from Twinkl helps schools integrate new to English children into school life

Net flow of 330,000 long-term migrants

moved to the UK last year


New from Twinkl is the EAL Intervention Programme, an eight-week scheme of work including a Language Assessment and Maths Assessment, designed to help teaching assistants and specialist EAL (English as an Additional Language) teachers integrate new to English pupils with little or no language skills into the classroom.

Developed by an experienced EAL teacher, Twinkl’s EAL Intervention Programme is a ready-made plan of activity for 1:1 or group teaching, designed to help teachers sidestep the planning process and free up their time to focus on the care and nurture of new to English children, many of whom have not attended school in their home country and are often traumatised, anxious and isolated.

Included in the programme are fourteen packs covering Settling into School, Survival Vocabulary, Fine Motor Skills, Country of Origin, Nouns and Verbs, Sentence Construction, Speaking and Listening and Math Vocabulary. Each pack includes lesson plans, and a mixed range of bright and colourful resources including posters, cue cards, games, maps and activity sheets. A further pack providing 5 basic maths lessons to span one week is also available.

Commenting on the launch, Mark Wilson, Chief Operating Officer of Twinkl, said: “Last year a net flow of 330,000 long-term migrants moved to the UK. Heavy demand from our 1 million strong community of teachers prompted Twinkl to develop its new EAL Intervention Programme. We were keen to create a scheme of work that would help teachers meet the challenges of integrating into schools the growing number of ‘new to English’ pupils and helping those children on the right road to a rewarding and successful education.”

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