The Educator Magazine – What’s it all about?


The Educator is here to serve as a trusted guide for Head Teachers, Teachers, Bursars, and Senior Leadership individuals across the UK.

• The Educator Magazine is a 72 page A4 full colour glossy of very high quality. Delivered free of charge to all UK schools, and is expertly produced and published in house.

• The magazine is the main source of information for all Senior Leadership Teams and Teachers across the UK.

• We have the expert knowledge, experience and contacts that enables us to produce the UK’s most widely read Educational Magazine for the discerning Headteacher, Bursars and buyers within all Senior Leadership teams within the UK as well as selected teachers too.

• Expert features, guidance and advice is offered through informative articles on current Educational trends.

• The Educator Magazine is delivered to every senior leadership team within all UK schools and academies as well as all SEN’s (specialist educational needs establishments).

• The Educator Magazine is a trusted source of news and information for the Headteacher, Deputy, Bursars, Buyers and Teachers. • Teachers can keep up to date with industry trends find out about new products through product reviews, and can keep an eye on the recruitment options available in the UK.

• Offering up to date views and opinions from governing bodies, including DofE, The Educator gives the senior leadership team decision makers a fresh view on how other schools go about their business.

• Informative interviews, fascinating insight as well as various current and generic features throughout the year will ensure reader captivation, advertiser trust, and of course results.

• As well as the above, The Educator Magazine provides a platform for opinions and techniques for schools through our school profiles, interviewing Headteachers and Teachers from the selection of 36,000 schools and academies in the UK.

The Audience

• All UK Head Teachers from Nursery, Primary, Secondary and SEN + PRU establishments

• Significant Deputy Head Teachers

• Various Teachers and Teaching assistants

• Bursars

• Members of Senior Leadership teams



The Distribution

• 35,000 Print Run

• 30,000 Digital email versions

• 30,000 Newsletters (every month)

• 270,000 Total Readership


The Breakdown

• 4,966 – Nursery

• 21,398 – Primary Schools

• 3,941 – Secondary Schools

• 1,902 – Specialist – Physical Disability,Autism, B.E.S.D

• 1,000 PRU +Other – (Multi – Disciplinary)