Education sector realising personal service benefits, says specialist.

Philip Thomas

Recruitment agencies working in the education sector are realising substantial benefits for their clients from personal service companies according to a contracting specialist.


Nova Contracting, an established expert in setting up and administering PSCs, said the fixed-term contracts, which are fully compliant with current legislation and enjoy the same conditions and duty of care as other employment contracts, were enabling many agencies recruiting teaching and support staff, to realise savings for their clients.


“Engaging teachers, teaching assistants and support staff through their own limited companies, provides savings on National Insurance Contributions, holiday and pension payments, which can be used to reinvest in staff and services,” said Nova Contracting Business Development Manager Philip Thomas.


“Employees who choose to work through PSCs can also increase their take home pay through qualifying business expenses for mileage and training. As long as business expenses are incurred ‘wholly, exclusively and necessarily’ in the performance of their duties as an employee, they can include professional fees and courses, including DBS, mileage to and from their place of work, meals, accommodation if they’re staying away from home,  telephone costs and portable sat nav systems. These can add up to substantial added income for many employees.”


Nova works with the UK’s leading recruitment agencies offering a wide range of compliant employment solutions. The contracting specialist also operates across the logistics, industrial, catering and hospitality sectors.