CRB Cunninghams launches virtual parent-school messaging tool

Simplifying school-parent communications


15th March 2022 – Birmingham UK: CRB Cunninghams, cashless catering, online payment, and identity management solutions provider to education establishments in the UK, has launched a virtual messaging solution for schools and parents; iPayimpact Communications, combining online payments, cashless software, and virtual communications from one solution.


Introducing iPayimpact Communications

Many schools worldwide currently communicate with parents and guardians manually, typically through email and phone calls. CRB Cunninghams sought to develop a new module within their iPayimpact online payment system to enable establishments to switch to a modern parent-school communication experience.

Built within CRB Cunningham’s iPayimpact online payment system, iPayimpact Communications enables schools to keep parents in the loop with messages, notifications and reminders sent in a few clicks, minimising the need to send paper-based communications and wait for lengthy responses.

Thomasina Ward, Managing Director at CRB Cunninghams, said:

“Over the past few years, there has been a significant transition in the number of schools incorporating cashless and contactless systems for purposes including pre-ordering school meals and paying for school trips.

Despite these advancements, many schools still rely on traditional parent communication methods. Therefore, we sought to develop a virtual solution that would automate everyday time-consuming tasks which have become integrated into school admin processes, enabling schools to simplify and improve parental engagement.”

With iPayimpact Communications, schools can:

  • Offer one shared inbox for the whole team
  • Send messages based on funds, groups, years and classes
  • Staff can send one-way messages or accept parent replies
  • Encourage parents to initiate conversations with the school

Online payments, cashless and communications
With over 1,000 UK schools utilising CRB Cunningham’s iPayimpact online payment system and over 1 million cashless payments made through the software per year, schools have used iPayimpact to switch to cashless operations and offer modern payment transactions for parents and guardians.

The addition of iPayimpact Communications enables schools to contact parents on a mass or individual scale virtually, from trip updates to funding notifications and important reminders. Parent communication solutions like iPayimpact Communications eliminates the need for schools to search and locate parent contact details, with all the relevant information accessible in one place.

Learn more about iPayimpact Communications.

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