CRB Cunninghams launch Grab & Go solution for schools 16.06.20

School lunch after lockdown

Schools across the UK are streamlining their catering operations by simplifying menus to offer a Grab & Go lunch service; an efficient method to incorporate varied safeguarding measures such as staggered break times and the implementation of collection points throughout the school.

Simply order, collect, and go.
A Grab & Go style food offering will allow pupils to order their lunch choices in advance and pick up their food at specific collection points, reducing the need to queue and wait for food to be packaged and prepared during lunchtime.

Your school’s Grab & Go solution
The use of a pre-ordering app helps secondary schools facilitate a Grab & Go offering that will allow your school kitchen to run efficiently and safely. The first and only of its kind, Fusion Mobile removes contact from your lunch service, giving schools greater control over traffic flow whilst ensuring social distancing guidelines are adhered to.

How does Fusion Mobile work?

  • Reduced Contact
    Fusion Mobile is an entirely contactless identification method that allows catering teams to maintain a high level of service whilst following social distancing rules. For secondary schools, pupils can pre-order their favourite school meals from their mobile phone to simply pick up from a designated collection point at lunchtime. This removes the need for traditional touch points from the lunchtime queue and sends orders to the kitchen ahead of time. Allowing catering teams to prepare meals in advance provides many benefits such as increased efficiencies, food waste reduction and significant savings in associated costs.

  • Control traffic flow with collection points
    To control traffic flow for a quicker and safer lunch service, Fusion Mobile notifies pupils when and where to collect their meals. This helps schools to limit the number of pupils within an area and provide the flexibility to utilise other school spaces by setting up multiple collection points. The software is even flexible enough to work with staggered break times and a delivery operation if your school decides to go down this route.

  • Cashless catering goes mobile
    Fusion Mobile is easily activated as a simple add-on to your cashless system for a seamless integrated solution. This enables schools to cater to large volumes without compromising on speed of service.

A seamless cashless connection means that pre-ordered meals are also paid for in advance. When school meals are ordered through the app, the amount is automatically deducted from the pupils’ cashless account, removing yet another touch point from the traditional lunchtime service, and reducing school debt. Pupils can also view their live cashless balance on-the-go from their own device.

A truly contactless lunch solution
There are many benefits of removing cash from schools, ranging from increased efficiency in reporting to saving time on admin tasks for finance staff. Now that schools are putting plans in place to help pupils return safely, removing cash is more important than ever. By combining Fusion Mobile’s cashless catering software with iPay online payments, schools can remove any physical transactions from the dining hall, providing a fully contactless lunch experience.

Bringing pupils back after the lockdown period will come with its challenges, but by implementing a Grab & Go style lunch service; allowing pupils to pre-order their food, collect their lunch from designated collection points and utilise contactless payment methods, schools can provide staff and pupils with a safe lunch service that meets everyone’s needs.

About CRB Cunninghams
However you are restructuring your catering offering, your software will need to be flexible enough to adapt. We’re here to help, read more about a Grab & Go solution for your school here.