Computeam is offering a free comprehensive assessment to schools to identify outdated systems and ensure their hardware is compatible with the Windows 11 upgrade

In partnership with Acer, Computeam is offering a free comprehensive assessment on school technology hardware and software systems ahead of Windows 10 support ending in October 2025 and Windows 11 taking over.  

Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will soon reach the end of its support lifecycle, therefore, school systems will no longer be using the most up-to-date programs. As well as this, there will be no further feature updates, and most critically, no subsequent security updates.  

To combat this, in partnership with Acer, Computeam is offering a free comprehensive assessment and report on school technology hardware to ensure that new systems are compatible with Windows 11.

While October 2025 seems a long way off, migrating an entire school system from Windows 10 to 11 could come with a multitude of issues – so it’s important to transition as soon as possible. 

Why should schools switch from Windows 10 to Windows 11?

Windows 11 introduces a user interface that simplifies how educators and students interact with their devices.

Streamlined user interface for improved navigation

The Start menu has been redesigned and is now centred on the taskbar, it integrates pinned apps, and recent documents alongside a very powerful new search function. 

The new positioning of the Start menu will reduce the time spent navigating the system. This will allow teachers and students to access tools and files quickly therefore freeing up more time for productivity in class.

Productivity and multitasking updates 

New settings enable educators and students to improve productivity levels. Features like snap layouts and widgets help manage screen real estate more efficiently, allowing for smoother transitions between tasks and applications. 

The enhanced voice-to-text feature supports better note-taking and communication, therefore providing accurate, real-time transcriptions that help keep students engaged. 

Robust security

Security is a key concern in school environments, which Windows 11 addresses with advanced protection features. With smart app control features, they prevent unauthorised applications from running, which safeguards systems from malware and other security threats. 

Windows Hello introduces biometric logins, enhancing user authentication and protecting sensitive educational data. 

Dedicated educational features for Windows 11 SE

This feature is specifically designed for the education sector, Windows 11 SE provides tools that improve learning outcomes without unnecessary distractions

This customisation ensures that technology serves as a support to education rather than a distraction.  

Enhanced accessibility for inclusive education

Windows 11 makes significant strides in accessibility, a key consideration in classrooms that look to become more inclusive.

Features such as Narrator, Colour Control, Live Captions and Voice Access help students with disabilities to interact more effectively with their devices. 

This means students of all abilities can thrive, ensuring no student is left behind.

Jon Crosse, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), from Computeam comments on the importance of taking the free assessment ahead of migrating to Windows 11 before the October 2025 deadline.

“Assessing user device estates is crucial for schools to enable them to plan a migration or upgrade to Windows 11 before the October 2025 end-of-support deadline. Our free assessment will allow schools to strategically allocate their budgets, ensuring that funds are used efficiently for necessary upgrades or replacements. The assessment will also help to provide a clear understanding of the time required for the transition, which is essential for planning and avoiding disruptions to the school’s operations. Moreover, upgrading to Windows 11 brings significant security enhancements, protecting sensitive student and staff data against ever-evolving cyber threats.

“By getting ahead, schools can also benefit from improved device performance, enhanced learning experiences through new features, and stay current with technological advancements.”  Jon Crosse – Chief Technical Officer at Computeam

By providing expert guidance and strategic planning, Computeam can help schools make a smooth transition to Windows 11, allowing schools to maximise their technological investments and improve their educational outcomes.

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