The SPaG Monsters game helps students aged 6-11 develop their spelling, punctuation and grammar in a fun and engaging way, closing the literacy gap widened by the pandemic.

The game was created by Young Writers, a brand focusing on developing English skills for children aged 5 to 18.

“This game has come from a lot of hard work, buts there’s no better time for its launch”, said Morgan Walton, Young Writers’ Director. “We’ve created SPaG Monsters to help those around the UK catch up on essential class hours they’ve missed over the last year, it will help them maintain their reading and writing skills, and love it too”.

The online game is aimed at both schools and parents and is purposely priced at an accessible level to make it available to all. Since the game’s launch just over a month ago, over 1,500 children have developed their learning by playing SPaG mini-games over 100,000 times.

“It’s wonderful to see so many people take to SPaG Monsters and enjoy playing it. I know it’s making a difference by helping these children learn, and it’s the best feeling to undo some of the negative effects of the last year” said Ben Reeves, author and SPaG Monsters’ creator.

Within SPaG Monsters are mini-games, each focussing on various aspects of core literacy skills. Parents and teachers are able to monitor the progress of their children to see weaker areas to support their learning in the best way.

“The buzz from my children about grammar in the last week has been phenomenal” said Ms Turner, a teacher at Tenterfields Primary Academy, “it has been brilliant to see something they usually don’t enjoy change into something they ask to do”.

More on the game can be found at, and anyone can try it for free without having to provide any payment information.