Carfax Education Unveils Much Anticipated Global Schools Index “Ones to Watch” Category

12 December 2023: Carfax Education, a world-leading education consultancy, proudly unveils 

the “Ones to Watch” category of its Schools Index. This new segment highlights 25 schools on the brink of joining the top 125 or possessing distinctive qualities, setting them apart from the mainstream. Employing a methodology similar to the renowned Global Schools Index, Carfax’s panel of consultants meticulously researched and handpicked these institutions, acknowledging their unique characteristics and notable contributions to the educational landscape.


The “Ones to Watch” list is thoughtfully curated into four distinct categories, each reflecting a specific aspect of what makes these schools exceptional:


  • “Ones to watch”:  This section features schools that have consistently demonstrated remarkable potential and are poised to make a significant impact.
  • “New Schools to Watch”: Highlighting newly established institutions that show great promise in shaping the future of education.
  • “Small Gems”: Encompassing uniquely small schools that offer a distinctive and intimate learning experience.
  • “Something Different”: Showcasing schools that break the mould, offering unconventional and innovative approaches to education.


Each School in this collection has been chosen not only for its academic standards and facilities but also for its unique ethos, preparation for university entry, and the way it prepares its pupils for life beyond academia. This exclusive compilation represents the forefront of private education, offering insights into schools that are not just educational institutions but transformative experiences for their students.


Fiona McKenzie, Head of Education at Carfax Education, commented, “The “Ones to Watch” category adds an exciting dimension to our annual Schools Index. It recognises schools making waves through consistent potential, innovative approaches, or unique learning experiences. It’s a testament to our commitment to providing valuable insights for parents seeking the very best education for their children worldwide.”


Included in the “Ones to Watch” category are:


  • St Edward’s Oxford: Situated on the edge of the university city of Oxford, St Edward’s boasts 100 acres of green space, champion rowers, and a rising academic profile. Offering both the IB and A-level curriculum, it’s a school to watch closely.


In the “Small Gems” category:


  • Brillantmont International School, Lausanne: Founded 140 years ago, Brillantmont is an inclusive, international, and culturally aware boarding school. With a focus on STEAM, small class sizes, and holistic learning, it provides a unique and enriching experience.


In the “New Schools to Watch” category:


  • Maida Vale School, London: Part of the Gardener group, this School, opened in 2020, offers a wide-ranging array of A levels and BTECs. With large outside playing areas, it’s gaining attention as a school to watch in London.


  • The Royal Grammar School Guildford, Dubai: Established in 2021, this Dubai school, with an award-winning sustainability campus, aims to follow the ethos of its mother school in the UK. With expansion plans, it’s attracting families seeking academic excellence in Dubai.


In the “Something Different” category:


  • Green School: Founded in Bali in 2006, Green School has created a global movement with campuses in New Zealand, South Africa, and Mexico. Its progressive style of education focuses on a ‘living’ curriculum in a nature-immersed environment, earning recognition from environmentalists like Dr. Jane Goodall.

The Global Schools Index is a comprehensive guide that illuminates the diverse and dynamic nature of the private education sector across the world. 


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