Call for innovations: Teachers to help shape the next 100 years of education

As part of a worldwide project linked to Finland’s centenary of independence, Helsinki-based non-profit global education initiative, HundrED, invites educators around the world to share their innovations and ideas for transforming teaching and learning practices.


The two-year project will bring together a vision of education for the next 100 years, collecting 100 innovations from Finland and a further 100 from around the world, along with commentary from global thought leaders. The findings will be documented as a book, a documentary and, a series of international seminars and as a toolkit for teachers, all shared with the world for free.


Finland has frequently been hailed for having one of the best and most progressive education systems in the world. The aim of HundrED is to help Finland maintain its world-leading status in education, and to become a global centre for sharing best practice and innovations.


Saku Tuominem, founder of HundrED, said: “Future generations will no doubt have to face some tough challenges, and how we educate them now determines how well they rise to the occasion. The model of education used in most countries has not changed significantly in the last 100 years, but there are so many ideas and so much inspiration within the education that we can share to reinvigorate teaching and learning. That’s why we created HundrED. True reform should come from everywhere, not just from the top down, or the bottom up. It’s our job to help bring these innovative ideas together and to share them with the world. HundrED is intended as a gift for teachers, students and policy makers.”


Ken Robinson, educator, speaker and author, said: “Improving and transforming education isn’t like curing an unfathomable illness, where we have no idea what to do. There are great programs and schools everywhere that are doing wonderful, transformative work with students and communities. HundrED aims to bring those ideas and experiences together to enrich and inform educational change around the world. Working with inspirational teachers and principal is at the heart of it all.”


Teachers, practitioners and educators can submit their own innovations for consideration by the expert advisory board here: