British Teens Confidence Crisis is Headed Off by Confidence Expert

A new study carried out in collaboration with YouGov for Sky Academy, warns of confidence crisis amongst British teenagers.

Sky Academy launched nationwide ‘Confidence Month’ on September 23rd with the support of ambassadors Jessica Ennis-Hill, Davina McCall, Alfie Deyes, Sir Chris Hoy, Ella Eyre, Justine Roberts, Melvyn Bragg and Children’s confidence expert Annette Du Bois, who lives nr Chichester.


Sky Academy has published extensive new research examining the confidence issues faced by young people in the UK aged 11-24. The findings paint a stark picture of British adolescence as one in three young people surveyed (33%) claim they are not confident.

One in three (33%) young people surveyed are ‘not confident’

Confidence is lowest amongst 17 year olds – 45% say they are ‘not confident’

Nearly 2 in 5 (37%) social media users aged 14-17 surveyed online feel they can be more confident on social media than in person

66% of girls say their confidence is influenced by how attractive they feel compared to only 46% of boys

97% of parents and 90% of young people consider confidence as an important factor for achieving success opposed to being naturally clever (72% parents, 67% kids)

Child confidence expert Annette Du Bois has been brought in by Sky Academy to provide valuable input and confidence building tools and methods based on her CHAMPS Academy, which coaches kids and teens across the UK.


Annette comments: “Today more than ever before, young people across the UK are feeling emotional imbalance, general insecurity, low self-esteem and a lack of confidence, creating anxiety and mild to excessive unhappiness. The modern and complex world has created the fertile ground upon which emotional and –psychological pressures are felt much earlier on. Trying to keep up, gain acceptance or fit in, both online and offline can lead to a decline in wellbeing, life-skills, and social interaction. By learning effective, easy to apply, purpose-designed tools and techniques to build confidence, young people develop lasting self-belief to reach their full potential in life.”

Annette is determined to give as many children and teens as possible the benefit of her confidence expertise with the CHAMPS applied confidence method by rolling out initiatives with Sky Academy, purpose created confidence Apps and personal coaching to help them gain more practical life-skills and tools to be confident in all areas of life.