Brexit shines spotlight on political literacy courses in schools as bookings double in 2017


Shout Out UK is educating the nation’s schools and providing young people with AQA accredited political literacy courses that have doubled in sign-ups this academic year

Brexit and the nomination of Donald Trump as America’s next president are just two of the astonishing political events that shocked the world in 2016 and left many feeling misinformed and confused. Shout Out UK is part of the drive to educate the public and encourage a new generation to engage in politics through their exciting and informative courses.

In light of 2016’s political upheaval, the political literacy courses, that began in London, have now expanded across the UK and as far as Yorkshire as more schools sign up.

The online news network introduced the course, which is certified by the largest provider of academic qualifications, AQA, in order to encourage young people’s engagement with politics. It covers British Politics, International Relations as well as Employability and Politics. Students learn to campaign, fund-raise and become confident when debating and public speaking. All in all, the course teaches young people that politics is the basis for everyday life and therefore, how it makes sense to be involved.

The course has been received well by students and teachers alike which has led to it being implemented in schools across the country.

Matteo Bergamini, founder of Shout Out UK said;

“Currently, we assume that once we hit 18 years of age we suddenly become enlightened with all the political knowledge one needs to vote and engage. Of course, this not the case, it needs to be taught and understood in school as a compulsory subject. We treat English and Maths in very high regard, however, the one subject that allows us to be who we want to be, gives us a voice and creates a society we wish to live in, we give no time to in schools.”

“The issue is that political literacy would give us, the next generation, a clear understanding of what politics is, how our society works and why voting is relevant and important. You can’t get an entire generation mobilized without first giving them the instruments to understand the system they are supposed to be influencing.”

Roisin Murray, a teacher from Bentley Wood school, comments on the course:

“After sitting in on several lessons with Shout Out UK and our students, I can honestly say it has been a fantastic opportunity for our students to develop their knowledge and awareness of current affairs as well as their ability to speak in public, debate and present a discussion coherently.”

 Paul, a teacher from The Leys School, said:

“In a world of great political upheaval in which previous conventions have been swept away and nothing can be taken for granted, it is all the more vital that young people have a voice and know how to use it. They are bombarded by opinions but need to know how to sort the facts from mere bluster. This course has helped them to understand the institutions which make up our democracy and how the checks and balances work. They have got to grips with some of the burning issues of the day and have put their arguments forward in a coherent and convincing way. Those taking part have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the course has left them with a hunger to learn more.”

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