BETT 2023: ViewSonic to Debut Expanded EdTech Solutions Across UNIVERSE Virtual Campus and myViewBoard Ecosystem


ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual and education technology (EdTech solutions), has
revealed the latest iteration of UNIVERSE by ViewSonic the virtual learning platform at the BETT Show
2023 (British Educational Training and Technology Show), with the immersive 3D platform now
incorporating subject-specific Thematic Classrooms and class performance metrics for educators
In the pursuit of providing educators with total solutions for digital learning, the company is also
showcasing diverse pre-made digital lesson content from ViewSonic Originals, along with the latest
ViewBoard interactive displays and myViewBoard software suites. Attendees will be able to
experience cutting-edge solutions across different scenarios.

“ViewSonic is continuing to implement our “Ecosystem as a Service (EaaS)” strategy to create a
digital education ecosystem. While we’ve seen increased digitization in education, the technology
being used doesn’t necessarily make full use of what’s possible,” said Kevin Chu, Director of
UNIVERSE Business Unit at ViewSonic. “We want attendees to see just how powerful a 3D virtual
campus can be when incorporated into digital learning. UNIVERSE ensures students and teachers
have access to solutions that harness the latest and most innovative technologies to enhance
online learning experiences.“

A Virtual Campus for Online Learning

ViewSonic has launched UNIVERSE in 2022 – a virtual learning platform that brings the benefits of
in-person learning to an online environment. Combined with intuitive controls and diverse features,
UNIVERSE has been helping to increase student engagement, encourage collaboration, and foster
a sense of belonging.

On the last UNIVERSE’s update, a new type of virtual space has been launched. The Thematic
Classrooms allow participants to explore interactive 3D environments built to help students learn
about specific school subjects. The first thematic classroom was designed for biology classes, where
students can interact with biological structures like blood platelets and nerve cells, providing a
more immersive way of understanding how these elements function in the body. Following the
release of the biology-themed room, ViewSonic will also launch thematic rooms based on subjects
like English, math, geography, and history. The new feature will be showcased during BETT.
ViewSonic has also introduced the new Portfolio tool in UNIVERSE, enabling teachers to access
class insights such as test results, attendance, and participation records with ease to streamline
class management.
Furthermore, UNIVERSE’s Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) integration allows educators to
seamlessly exchange information between different Learning Management Systems (LMS). Aiming
to provide a seamless learning experience and greater flexibility for both teachers and students, the
platform will soon be integrated with LMS such as Canvas and Blackboard.

Accessible Digital Learning Content

With increased digitization, teachers are faced with new challenges, particularly in developing and
implementing content for a digital curriculum. To accommodate the digital revolution, ViewSonic is
also demonstrating its newest feature for the myViewBoard platform, Originals, which provides
teachers with pre-made content to help them build engaging digital lessons.
ViewSonic Originals is broken down into four categories: Original Content, Backgrounds, Graphics,
and Online Games. In addition to an extensive library of teaching materials for all ages and subjects
ranging from interactive modules to full lesson plans, the database features an extensive collection
of backgrounds, images, and animations that are perfect for a range of topics and themes, allowing
teachers to add safe, copyright-cleared media to their lessons. By offering thousands of interactive
modules to full lesson plans, the company makes planning and running lessons easier for all those
in the K-12 age groups.

Innovation Across ViewSonic’s Range of Solutions

As a leading EdTech solutions provider, ViewSonic’s ViewBoard interactive displays and
myViewBoard software suites are being adopted by educational institutions around the world. At
ViewSonic’s booth, visitors can experience the latest 5K 105” ViewBoard IFP105S for hybrid
collaboration and the 24” touch monitor for “smart podium” solutions. In addition, visitors can also
check out the VB-CAM-201, which just got Zoom Rooms USB Camera Certification, improving
productivity and communications when videoconferencing. Meanwhile, the esports for education
zone will also be showcasing the latest Elite XG320Q gaming monitor during the show.
Furthermore, ViewSonic will be exhibiting an industry-leading 135” All-in-One LED Display Solution
Kit with a foldable screen. This design innovation significantly reduces the packaging size, making
transportation more convenient and easy to move, and ready for immediate use, which is perfect
for a range of short-term usage scenarios, such as lectures, events, and hybrid classrooms.
About ViewSonic
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