The release of the free FUZE BASIC V3 for Raspberry Pi makes learning to code easier and more accessible than ever


June 2015: UK based company, FUZE Technologies Ltd, has taken programming back to its roots and announced that FUZE BASIC can now be downloaded for free from for all Raspberry Pi users.

The launch of the Raspberry Pi and the recent addition of programming to the National Curriculum saw the most exceptional surge in the popularity of computing since the 1980s, when the popular Acorn, Commodore, Sinclair and Amstrad units first used the language of BASIC (Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code). This language was the inspiration for the modern computing systems, websites and applications that are taken for granted today.

FUZE BASIC is a highly advanced and modernised version of the BASIC programming language, which is widely accepted as the easiest to learn and teach. FUZE BASIC provides a more realistic introduction to text-based programming than drag and drop environments like Scratch, while being far more accessible to beginners than more complex languages like Python and Java.

Featuring a redesigned user interface and advanced graphic support including sprite and image scaling, angle and alpha controls and rotation, FUZE BASIC is fully configured to run with all models of the Raspberry Pi including the new V2. The new community website will also host support and advice from FUZE BASIC users and FUZE Technologies Ltd.

Eben Upton, CEO of Raspberry Pi (Trading) Ltd said: “BASIC was my first language back in the late 1980s, and I owe my interest in computing to the low barrier to entry and smooth learning curve that it offers.”

David Braben, CEO of Frontier Developments, co-founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation and co-author of Elite on the BBC Micro adds: “It is where I started a third of a century ago, and I will be forever grateful to the opportunities it created for me.”

In addition to FUZE BASIC being available as a free download, FUZE Technologies also includes a 90-page Project Workbook starting with simple commands, and progressing to robotic and electronic circuit control projects.  The 160-page FUZE BASIC Guide and a preconfigured 8GB SD boot card are available to order from