And adds to their awards taking home the International Digital Education Resource Award at BETT 2022

Hot of their win at BETT 2022, Icelandic EdTech company, Mussila, is expanding into the UK market with its award winning Mussila Music and its new digital learning solution Mussila WordPlay, a new creative digital learning solution for children using Mussila’s unique ‘Learn, Play, Create’ methodology.  Current users of Mussila Music will automatically have access to WordPlay and new users will gain access to both platforms.

WordPlay has been created by speech therapists and content creators that have made the app a fun and powerful learning experience for children from 5-8 years old. Narrated by professionals, WordPlay offers hours of listening to practice not only reading but also listening skills making this app one of a kind.  The app is designed to spark children’s natural curiosity, motivating them to easily master the fundamentals of reading and to use their sense of creativity and play to firmly strengthen the knowledge acquired.


Children using the app will be able to:

  • Learn and increase vocabulary
  • Work on listening skills
  • Practice and improve reading comprehension
  • Experience joyful reading, by reading or listening to beautiful stories. 


“Children are natural learners and our task is to give them creative tools based on evidence-based practice that sparks their curiosity, motivating them to learn.” Says Jon Gunnar Thordarson, CEO of Mussila. “Post-pandemic, we have seen 370% growth for Mussila Music showcasing the demand for digital based learning and following the success in the Nordics, we are expanding into the UK where demand for this style of learning is definitely on the rise. Cambridge University’s recent research* shows that children learn more through ‘guided play’ that for teacher-led instruction and play-focused learning was found to be just as effective as traditional teacher-led methods in teaching literacy, numeracy and thinking skills.”

Research has shown that language and music are connected through listening, rhythm, and singing. This connection is essential for developing phonological awareness. WordPlay is the perfect addition to Mussila’s first game, Mussila Music, which has proven to be effective in teaching music to diverse groups of students. The multiple award-winning app is available in 32 languages and has been certified by the Finnish Education Alliance as a quality learning solution. Currently, children from all over the world are playing the game, and schools in 19 countries are using the app for music education.

WordPlay is available to schools helping teachers to add new dimensions to their current curriculum, teachers will also be able to track students’ progress through the app to analysis where additional support is needed.  Mussila provides teachers with extensive training and have dedicated experts to help throughout the journey so they can continue to support students through the learning process.

Mussila Music is nominated for 3 BETT awards and won one award:

•  International Digital Educational, Resource  – winner 

  • Class Aid or Educator support


  • Educational Resource for Parents and Home Learning

Mussila WordPlay is available for download from the App Store and Google Play