AVer Europe announces Zoom certification for DL10 and PTC310UV2 auto tracking cameras

AVer Europe, the award-winning provider of video collaboration and education technology solutions, announces today that the innovative DL10 and PTC310UV2 cameras are certified as Zoom Rooms Certified Hardware by Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

The DL10 is the newest Distance Learning Tracking Camera from AVer that features a 6X total zoom, camera tracking AI, and USB plug-and-play functionality, allowing educators to teach classes anywhere without having to worry about manual framing or tracking adjustments. The DL10 is the ideal choice for space conscious rooms and hybrid teaching environments, perfectly balanced between classroom needs and school budgets. The PTC310UV2 is part of AVer’s latest auto tracking PTZ cameras, featuring an all-new chipset and an incredible zoom power of 144X (12X optical and 12X digital zoom). With its 4K resolution and AVer’s highly accurate AI functions, including various auto tracking capabilities and human detection processing, the PTC310UV2 offers the ultimate experience for broadcasting, streaming, and recording.

“The DL10 and PTC310UV2 camera are from our extensive range of solutions available to the European market, to optimise the potential of teaching environments and enrich the learning experience,” said Rene Buhay, SVP of Sales and Marketing, AVer Europe. “The Zoom certification highlights their enhanced capability for creating high quality and accessible content for audiences.”

The Zoom Certified badge is a certification given by Zoom representing hardware devices that have been tested for compatibility and performance with Zoom software. As AVer offers camera solutions that cover a wide range of room sizes, from elementary classrooms to large auditoriums, users can find a suitable camera that is Zoom certified and tailored to their needs and enjoy a highly efficient video performance when paired with the Zoom platform.

“At Zoom, we consistently deliver high-quality video communications technology that is easy to use and manage. We are pleased to certify AVer’s distance learning and Pro AV PTZ camera for use with Zoom Rooms in classrooms and any settings where a professional video experience is needed,” said Eric Yu, Head of Hardware Partnership, Zoom.

“AVer is committed to providing users with innovative technology solutions that delivers seamless video collaboration performance,” said Andy Hsi, CEO, AVer Information Inc. “We are thrilled to receive this Zoom Rooms Certified Hardware certification to give our customers a continued peace of mind.”