AVer Europe announces new, portable distance learning innovation camera.

AVer Europe, the leading provider of educational technology and Pro AV solutions, announces the DL10 distance learning tracking camera, a small form factor tracking camera.


The DL10 sets hybrid and online educators free from the hassles of poor-quality cameras. The design, weighing only 745 grams, conveniently fits into most bags, freeing online and hybrid learning teachers to work wherever they want, giving teachers the ability to teach online from anywhere. The specialised design of the DL10 also makes it a perfect match for smaller or space-conscious classrooms, where a large and complicated camera setup is not an option.


Rene Buhay, SVP of Sales and Marketing at AVer Europe comments, “The portable AVer DL10 camera delivers unprecedented freedom and picture quality for teachers in the new normal of online classes and hybrid classrooms. This is a fantastic, high quality distance learning option for budget-conscious schools and educators. The AVer DL10 camera will lead hybrid classroom technology.”


The DL10’s features include:


  • 6X Total Zoom: Perfectly balanced between classroom needs and school budgets, the DL10 features 6X total zoom. In an average-sized classroom the DL10 excels with its zoom capabilities, delivering crisp and clear images every time.
  • Industry-leading AVer AI: Accurate and easy to use AVer camera tracking AI is integrated with the DL10 Distance Learning camera. This means easy lecture recording, camera tracking with the press of a button, and gesture controls with the needs of educators in mind.
  • Sleep Mode: Particularly designed for the protection of privacy. When an online class ends, the DL10 automatically reacts by switching off, and tilting the camera down 90 degrees, allowing online teachers to easily separate class time and personal time.


  • Built-In Microphones: Purposefully created with teachers in mind, high quality microphone and noise suppression functionality is integrated in the DL10 for the enhancement of communication and the cancellation of disruptive noises common in a teaching environment, such as teachers’ books, keyboard, and mouse.
  • Gesture Control: Remove touchpoints and intuitively guide the DL10 using hand movements, even while teaching. DL10 Gesture Control allows teachers to focus on their classes without having to run back and forth between a computer and whiteboard, while still maintaining hygiene standards necessary for a classroom environment.